Book Review: Understanding Exposure by Bryan Patterson

Book Review: Understanding Exposure by Bryan Patterson


This book by Bryan Peterson does just as the title claims to do. It helps you understand exposure on your camera. Any DSLR or the point and shoots that have the “M” mode. I own both, a Nikon D50 and a Sony Powershot and have found that this books gives me understanding on how to use both and obtain quality shots.

For many years I owned my Nikon D50 without fully really understanding why some of my shots turned out well and others did not. It became a case of trial and error. But when I started reading the chapters in this book it brought forth a light-bulb of understanding.

The book is easy to read and doesn’t necessarily dumb it down, rather it makes it understandable as to how he is describing different scenarios in how to take photographs.

You have the following chapters:

  1. Defining Exposure (what is exposure, photographic triangle, light meter/balance, six correct exposures vs on creatively correct)
  2. Aperture (aperture and depth of field, storytelling apertures, isolation or singular-theme, macro)
  3. Shutter speed (importance of shutter speed, right shutter for subject, freezing motion, panning, implying motion, making “rain”)
  4. Light (importance of light, best light, frontlight, overcast front light, sideling, backlight, exposure meters, reflectance, gray card, sky brothers, night and low light, light painting, flashlight and starlight)
  5. Special techniques (polorizing filters, neutral-density filters, multiple exposures)
  6. Electronic flash (photographic triangle and flash, three factors for correct flash, dangers of being a flashaholic, limitations of pop up flash, powering down the flash, flash as a fill light, wireless flash, colored gels, rear curtain sync)

All in all, I think this is an excellent book, especially for those of us who want to know more and learn about the capabilities of our cameras. The photography within is helpful in describing pictorially what he is saying with words in the book.

I did receive this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.


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