Book Review: In the Name of Gucci by Patricia Gucci

Book Review: In the Name of Gucci by Patricia Gucci


I’m not well acquainted with Gucci outside of knowing that the brand is an exclusive product for those with a disposable income. I knew nothing about its foundation nor the later troubles it encountered, therefore I came into this book with no expectations.

In the Name of Gucci, it’s written by his daughter Patricia, the mother of whom was Aldo’s mistress. From the time that they met until the death of Aldo, her mother and Aldo remained close.

The book is an easy read, giving a little background on the woman who Aldo fell in love with and then the daughter who grew up knowing this man as her father, yet lacked the true father-daughter relationship.

Realizing that this book was written based on letters and other bits of information that her mother gave to her, I understand why it isn’t more deep and detailed. If anything, the book left me wanting to know more about this complex family.

To be honest, I did enjoy the book, although I did ponder why I felt sorry for Patricia’s mother, Bruna, when she was the one who was sleeping with a married man. True, this was in a time period where divorce was frowned upon, which in turn makes me wonder if divorce had been legal, would they have married succecssfully.

I received this book from the publisher, Crown Publishing, via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.



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