Book Review: Kiss the Bride by Melissa McClone, Robin Lee Hatcher and Kathryn Springer

Book Review: Kiss the Bride by Melissa McClone, Robin Lee Hatcher and Kathryn Springer

Kiss the Bride Three Summer Love Stories by Melissa McClone, Robin Lee Hatcher, Kathryn Springer

I found myself delightful pleased with this trio of stories in this collection. Each story has a theme of a wedding, and in turn I was introduced to two new authors. The one, Robin Lee Hatcher, I have read previous books by her and was pleased that she was part of the collection.

Front Matter is by Melissa McClone, and I have found myself a new author! Her story was about Jenna, a photographer who is working several jobs to pay off a wedding that was called off the day of several years prior.  Here were are introduced by her former fiancee, who discovers that the reasons that he called off the wedding were unfounded, but it’s too late for Jenna who has hardened her heart against him. Or has she?

I Hope You Dance is the book by Robin Lee Hatcher. In this one, Skye has a dance studio and she has been hired to teach everyone steps for the wedding. There is a lone cowboy who requires a visit separate from the others for instructions. Is there romance in the air?

Love On a Deadline is the last book in this collection and is written by Kathryn Springer. Yet another newbie author in my realm. This book was about Mackenzie Davis, the daughter of the high school football coach. Dreams of being a famous journalist keeps her going in the home town that she grew up in. A promised interview with a senator, leads her to write a story on a wedding on the local “money” family. And wouldn’t you know it, the boy she had a crush on is having to plan the wedding for his sister.

To be honest, I didn’t have much hope for these two new authors, but knew that Hatcher’s would be the best. I was wrong. I absolutely loved the books by McClone and Springer, and found that Hatcher’s story didn’t resound with me. Her character I found annoying and a bit to simplistic. Simple is good, but she just felt one dimensional. I didn’t really develop a likeness for her nor an interest in how she fared in her life. I found myself wanting to just hurry and get to the end, even if it involved skipping a lot of pages.

Now the other two authors, they kept me spellbound. Each story left me awake long after midnight, just so I could finish the story. Needless to say, these will require a re-read later to capture the missed details. Plus any book that can bring a tear to my eye deserves a round of applause!

I did receive this book from BookLook and it’s publishers in exchange for an honest review.


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