Book Review: The Things We Knew by Catherine West

Book Review: The Things We Knew by Catherine West


The story is about Lynette Carlisle who remained home after a year in college to care for her ailing father. Her siblings had long left the nest and never had an interest in returning home. That is, until she cried out for help and they dragged their feet in their own way.

Lynette Carlisle we are introduced to in the beginning but I never really liked her. She seemed immature, childlike and bordering on an innocence that seemed almost simple. Nicholas Cooper I liked. His character shone through and it made me wonder why on earth he liked this crazy girl next door. And then you have the rush of siblings into the story. They all added a mix, but yet it wasn’t a cohesive mix. Especially once the missionary brother arrives. Oh wait, and then there is the drama of Lynette remembering all those many years ago the night her mother died.

Despite me not really caring for much for the main female character and the way the story went about, I did like Catherine West’s writing. I felt as though, there were some situations where you thought Nicholas would answer in a stereotypical manner, and yet he didn’t.

The ending of the book I didn’t like. It had an ending, but yet, it didn’t. It was left completely open ended that I could forsee a second story. Will I read it? Probably not. Book one of the Carlisle family was enough for me.

This is a Christian fiction book from the publishers of Thomas Nelson, but despite their Christian leanings I felt as though this book leaned more towards the public sector rather than those of a Christian leaning.

The two characters, Lynette and Nicholas made mention of church, and Lynette had a brother who was a missionary, but the typical leanings on faith was missing from this book. I felt as though I had gone into the wrong section of the bookstore and selected a book from the other side. Not that there is a wrong section, I enjoy books in the non-religious sector. Just as long as I’m aware ahead of time what I’m reading.

I received this book from the publisher and BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.


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