Book Review: A Heart Most Certain by Melissa Jaegars

Book Review: A Heart Most Certain by Melissa Jaegars


This book is a slow start of a read, but slowly improves as the chapters move on.
One of my problems with books that start with a conversation right off in the first pages is that I often feel like I’m walking into a conversation mid-way and it takes awhile to get caught up. This is pretty much how I felt with this book. In this case, it wasn’t necessarily a conversation I walked into the middle of, but rather the character Lydia walking into a business man’s office to ask for money. Why? I didn’t know why. I found out later, but the initial pages didn’t have me loving this book. However, the depth of details and the promise of a story is what kept me captured and kept me holding onto the book until the finish.
The story is about Lydia King who has been recruited to go to a local businessman and get a donation for the Moral Society’s latest project. No one has ever had luck getting money from him, so Lydia is feeling the pressure. Especially since it is her fiancé’s mother. She already doesn’t feel like she measures up, so she is hoping that this will garnish good will her way.
From there the story moves on, the agreement of the businessman, Mr. Lowe, providing Lydia assists him on his projects and then he will grant her wish. In turn, Mr. Lowe is a bit stubborn and needs Lydia to encourage him to see things in a different light.
I did like the cover art and knew that was one of the things that drew me into selecting this book to read.
One thing that I did note is that it’s only towards the end of the book that it’s emphasized that Lydia is not of wealthy means, and the relationship with her parents seem to be a second hand story and not part of the main story line. It’s like it is there as a reason for the way Lydia acts. I wish that it had intertwined a little easier so that I could have liked Lydia a little easier (and maybe better).
It’s been a week since I finished the book and my end thoughts on this book is that it is forgettable. There are some books where they linger on, relishing the story. I think the book is well worth a read.
I did receive this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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