Book Review: Political Suicide by Erin McHugh

Book Review: Political Suicide by Erin McHugh


The book cover promises to inform the reader of various ways politicians over the years have stumbled and made some rather grievous errors in judgement. The front cover attracted my interest, just by the vintage flair and the quality book jacket. It showed effort was made to create a book to get me (and you) to pick it up and thumb through the pages.

I’m not really sure what I was expecting when I initially received the book. First of all, the back cover doesn’t really say much about the contents of the book, other than blurbs of praise by reviewers of the book. For me, I don’t like back covers that consist of those type of comments. Just give me a blurb about the book, and be done with it.

As for the contents within the pages, I found myself interested in learning more about most of the individuals who have been “honored” by their inclusion into this book. It is definitely not an indepth look, rather a glossing over of the person and their indiscretions or mistakes they made while in political office. There were times while reading I found myself wanting more about the story. It’s as though each small chapter had to be whittled down to just the facts, and nothing else but the facts.

Despite the rather simplified book of our history of politicians, I did find myself enjoying the book. The chapters are quick and easy reads, a perfect book for the bathroom or coffee table. Overall, I did enjoy the book and find myself flipping through the pages to research a politician on my own on the internet.

I did receive this book from a goodreads giveaway, and it was on my own prerogative that I chose to write a review.


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