Book Review: To Have and To Hold Novella Various Authors

Book Review: To Have and To Hold Novella Various Authors


At one time I really didn’t like novella’s, but reading a few over time has allowed me to appreciate them. They are just the perfect length for those days you want to read a story, but you don’t want to either put it down, or spend all night finishing it. A novella is the way to go.

This trio of stores are all centered around weddings, although in this case the wedding is not for the main character of the book.

Love Takes the Cake, by Betsy St. Amant is the first book of this series. I loved the idea and plot of this story. A baker has a secret crush on a man who shows up at her bakery like clock work and asks for two snickerdoodle cookies. It definitely helps that she finds him quite attractive.

The only thing I didn’t like about the book is that it seemed to have lacked details and moved way to fast for me. This is a story that I believe would have been outstanding in a regular length novel, in which the characters would have developed a little better and I wouldn’t have felt like rushing through the book. Great idea for a story, but perhaps better written as a longer length story.

The Perfect Arrangement, by Katie Ganshert is the second book in this novella. Amelia is the owner of a flower shop and has agreed to provide flowers for her brother’s wedding. While at a wedding of an exboyfriend, Amelia hits the car in front of her by accident. Not wanting to be seen spying on her ex, she hurridly gives her information to the man and drives off. Nate, contacts Amelia, more or less to tell her that there was no damage done to his car and that she was not to worry about. From there on, they correspond by email as she shares the struggles she has with the belief that her future sister-in-law is seeing someone behind her brother’s back.

This story out of all of them to me was just okay. I didn’t really like how it would switch from email to story. There are some stories that I’ve read that do well in that format, but typically the stories are much longer. Plus, the situation between her and her brother’s fiancé just seemed a bit odd, contrived. Other than that, the story did read well and the author did a great job in writing.

Love in the Details, by Becky Wade is the third book in this novella. I’ve read Becky Wade before and know of the way she writes, which is perhaps why of the three this one was my favorite. Holly is prepared she thinks for the arrival into town of an ex-boyfriend, the one boy whom she loved. But after he goes off to college, she breaks off the relationship. Now years pass, and Holly is face to face with Josh, who nows owns a multi-million dollar technology company. His home base is in Paris, but he arrives into town for his best friend. Together they seek out venues for the wedding while at the same time they each wonder if there is a chance in the future.

Of all the books in this series, I think this one came together the best as a novella. The story was finished and for the most part I wasn’t left with very many (if any) questions about why the character was doing what they were. I enjoyed this particular story and thought that all the pieces came together.

I believe what this set of novella’s were missing was the Christian perspective. There was just enough words of Jesus and church thrown in that the non-Christian reader may be okay with it. But for someone who is used to reading books in the religious genre, it was lacking in that realm.

I received this book from the publisher via BookLook in exchange for an honest review.


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