Book Review: Avenue of Spies by Alex Kershaw

Book Review: Avenue of Spies by Alex Kershaw


The book is about an American doctor who lived in Paris with his Parisian wife and young son. He stayed in Paris to word at the American Hospital, then had an opportunity to get involved with the resistance in France. This was a story of an American’s resistant efforts in a nazi-occupied France.

With high hopes for this story, I eagerly began to read one night, anticipating a great story. With the back cover sharing quotes by other newspapers, such as “A true story that reads like a thriller” by the New York Post, who couldn’t help but be excited?

Unfortunately, I never was able to achieve the type of thrill that other readers seemed to obtain. The first chapter was rather difficult to dive into. I felt as though I was tossed into a sea of words which made sense to the author, considering he knew the story. But for me, I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know Summer Jackson prior, and then to be thrown around useless information (at this point in the book) was overwhelming. Over time I found out a few facts about the doctor, such as he was from Maine. But those details came much later in the book, even then were sparse and left me wanting for more.

I also wish, that the way the story was written it left me hanging as to the outcome of Dr. Summer and his family’s end. The way it was worded in the first few chapters had me realizing that Dr. Summer had to have died at some point. This was one of the few books that I actually went to the back to find out what happened, rather than reading through and finding out for myself. But even by going to the back of the book, it still didn’t say how Dr. Summer died. I was left with a gap of wondering.

I could see this perhaps as an interesting article in a magazine, but to have been created in a book form, I found it tedious. I had such high hopes for this book, but was left felling flat.

However, on a positive note, I thought that the book cover was designed creatively and it captured my interest in selecting the book to read it. Oh and there were a few pictures in the book near the end.

I received this book from the publisher via in exchange for an honest review.


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