Book Review: The Other Girl by JP Delaney

Book Review: The Other Girl by JP Delaney


Wow. This book had me intrigued from page one to the very last page. It took me two days to finish it, but when I wasn’t reading it I was looking for opportunities to finish it. Even if it meant standing over the stove stirring vegetables, with the book in my other hand.

The Girl Before is based on two girls, who’s lives follow a certain template set forth my the owner of the house, an architect. Each girl who lives there has certain aspects of their lives that have made them vulnerable. But this house, required them to leave behind many of their personal belongings and stay in this stark home. Each are willing, and within the story they strangely make the same decisions.

The book chapters are written as Then: Emma and Now: Jane, so you know who’s story you are following along with. It’s fascinating the read the way their stories are tied in one one another.

THEN: is Emma, who lived in a house after a traumatic break-in at her house, and she is seeking a place where she feels safe. When she comes upon the house on One Folgate, she knows that this is the place. Her boyfriend Simon isn’t so sure. But to live in safety, she is willing to give up personal belongings. With the potential of change within herself from her staying at the house, she accepts the challenge.

NOW: is Jane. She is the current occupant of the house. Reeling from the loss of her unborn child, she is seeking a new place, a new beginning when her realtor shows her this new place. She feels that this is the place for her, and is accepted by the landload, Edward Monkforth. But while she is there, she learns of Emma and her tragic demise. She then tries to find out what happened to her, while at the same time making the same choices and decisions as Emma, and possibly the same terrifying outcome of Emma.

The story for the most part I enjoyed. The way it kept my interest. The chapters were short, but not too short. They seamlessly glided together, all the while wondering what happened to Emma. Then wondering, if Jane is about to face the same future.

The only thing I didn’t like was perhaps the ending, because for me it didn’t give me complete closure. But all in all, I would most definitely recommend this book.

I received this as a giveaway from Goodreads.


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