Book Review: Long Way Gone by Charles Martin

Book Review: Long Way Gone by Charles Martin


I made a mistake this afternoon. Knowing that I was almost finished with this book, I brought it in on my lunch break to finish it. Wow.

Long Way Gone is about a young man, Cooper O’Connor, who leaves home at 18, taking his father’s truck, guitar and money. Headed to Nashville, he hopes to hit it big. His father’s legacy he leaves behind. While in Nashville, he falls in love with Daley Cross, but before a future came be made tragedy strikes. With no place to go, he eventually heads back west and makes it to home in Colorado.

Fast forward to now, and Cooper finds Daley on a street corner, and wonders if he can tell her the true story as to what happened in Nashville.

The story was a little slow for me initially. It took me a few days of starting it, before I found myself fully diving into the book. Enough days passed and I wondered if I would even bother finishing it. Let’s just say, I’m so glad I took the time to really and truly delve into the book, read and get immersed within it.

The start of the story starts in present day where Cooper has come upon Daley. She’s down on her luck, but headed to a show in Louisiana. Unfortunately, a bad turn of events has left her penniless and without a guitar, so Cooper helps her out. Then, sends her on her way to her concert in Louisiana. At this point, we learn the back story of Cooper. And from there, with the details and such written in, let’s just say this is a book that I will be reading again in the future. Especially if I want my sinuses cleared!

I loved the book jacket, which is what prompted my interest in purchasing the book, that and the story synopsis on the back cover.

All in all, I thought this was a spectacular book, well written (despite my lack of interest initially). Definitely deserving of five stars.

I did receive this book complimentary from the publisher via the website BookLookBloggers. The review I wrote was my own honest opinion, without any pressure to be positive or negative. These are my own thoughts.


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