Book Review: Fatal Frost by Nancy Mehl

Book Review: Fatal Frost by Nancy Mehl


I’ve read some of Nancy Mehl’s book in the past, and was looking forward to reading another book by her. Usually well-researched and depth filled, I knew that I wouldn’t be disappointed when reading this book, Fatal Frost.

But I was.

Fatal Frost is about Mercy Breannan, who is a US Marshal. Her life is in danger when she is on the hit list of a major cartel. Her father, whom she hasn’t had a good relationship with, inadvertently places her in dangers ways. But the Marshal’s plan on tucking her away in a safe house, until the danger is passed. Along with her is a former boyfriend, also a Marshal and her partner.

I had so many hopes for this book, but it started off confusing me. There was just so much going on, and while it was fast paced, there was too much happening. There was no development of characters, and let me not liking Mercy at all. I kept wondering if there was a prior book to this one, where we were introduced to Mercy in a prior story, but with this being book 1, the answer was no. The boyfriend relationship, the father/mother story, her partner, her weirdness. There was no development of the story. Instead, a small section of a life was constructed with a dab of a pre-story, and then BAM you are tossed into this excitement.

Instead, I was left underwhelmed and eager to finish the story. There were plenty of small details which would most definitely require a re-read, but I’m not interested. I was able to glean out the gist of the story, and that was enough for me.

That said, I couldn’t really recommend this story. If you have a chance to borrow a copy, do so and form your own opinion. Unfortunately, this is a book I won’t be sharing with my sister, instead I will be recycling to the local book reseller.

I received this book complimentary from the publisher, Bethany House. The review I wrote was my own honest opinion, without any pressure to present a positive review. These are my own thoughts.


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