Book Review: Too Blessed to be Stressed by Debora M. Coty

Book Review: Too Blessed to be Stressed by Debora M. Coty


This is a nice hard back book containing 365 devotions for women to follow along in the year. It has daily inspiration to get us up and out of our duldrums to start the day. The back of the book essentially describes it as touching on everyday life topics with encouraging words to refresh our souls. I started my first devotion back in December, just to get a feel for the book.

What I do like about it is the hard back touch of the book, it means it can go through many days of reading without having that dog-eared appearance that many soft cover books do. Especially after multiple readings. The daily readings were fun to read.

But there were a few things that held me back from dedicating this book to being my daily reader, and that is the font size. It’s super tiny. Almost like an 8pt font, which is considerably below a 9 pt that is easier to read. Then add onto the font a light purple for the body copy. The text is in a light teal green, all of the colors a play on the front of the book. And I get it, it looks great on the inside. But when it comes to reading, you need to make sure you are in a well lit area or next to sunlight to read it well. Not one to read in the early morning dusky hours.

That said, I did enjoy the days within the pages. The out packaging of the book also looks great and pulled me in. But the reading itself of the book within the pages would be the one thing that would actually keep me from purchasing this book for others.


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