Book Review: Watch by Rick James


I’ve been delinquent in sharing my thoughts about this particular book, but only because I forgot that it was in my stack of books to be shared. The holidays hit and suddenly all responsibility was shoved out the window, as the quest to find the perfect gift ensued. But as I was reading an email from Tyndale, I recognized I had a book I needed to write about and share my thoughts about.

The book that I had chosen from Rick James was called “Watch”. It has a rather interesting book cover that caught my attention, probably due to the rooster that I currently have in the backyard that crows around 4 am. A time that is nowhere near a time that he needs to be crowing. In fact, this particular rooster is useless, because he doesn’t do a very good job in watching his flock of hens. What he does do a good job of, is eyeballing me and wondering when I’m not watching him so he can make his dash and attempt to flog me. But me, I’m always watching out for him, like him for me.

But back to the book. The synopsis of the book is that you have a “wide-awake faith in a world fast asleep.” I find myself often pondering this ideology which is why I was curious to read this book.

I found the book to be relatively easy to read, and with enough bible quotes not to feel like I was being preached upon. If you are wanting a theological discussion on how the world of Christians are sleeping, then this is not the book for you. It is not deep, for which I was thankful for, and was just enough thought provoking that made me look into my own life and look for ways to make changes. But, neither will I be calling up fellow church member to have an in-depth discussion on this book.

It was divided into chapters, and each chapter had short stories sprinkled with bible verses to make the point across. I like that I am able to pick up the book and be able to start reading in the middle, without getting lost because I didn’t read each page by page by chapter by chapter.

Would I recommend this book? Um, maybe. It’s light reading and something to pass the time on a trip. For me, I enjoyed it for the most part.

I received this book complimentary from the publisher, Tyndale Publisher, via the Tyndale Blog Network. The review I wrote was my own honest opinion, without any pressure to present a positive review.


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