Book Review: Bible Trivia, Jokes & Fun Facts for Kids by Troy Schmidt


Who doesn’t like a book that is full of fun facts and fun jokes to pull on other people? One group of people certainly love it and that is kids!

Great trivia which leads you to learning more about the Bible than you thought you knew. What’s even better? The parents get to learn something along the way with the questions and following answers.

What does it contain? Let’s see, knock knock jokes, fill in the missing word (a list of words to choose from are provided with an answer key), Are you smarter than King Solomon type of questions (think are you smarter than a third grader here), Old Testament scramble (unscramble words), Who are you (where you give five hints to someone and they guess who you are talking about).

All in all, I think this is a really cool book. Great for families wanting to instill Bible knowing on their kids (and themselves!).

I received this book from Bethany House publishers. The review is my own with no pressure to write a positive review.


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