Book Review: People of the Second Chance by Mike Foster


When I stumbled upon this particular book, it was partly the cover art that prompted me to read the synopsis of the book. The back cover drew me in and wondered if it would be a good book for a family member who is struggling with personal issues. Would the book be good enough to help him overcome and find hope with his issues. I had doubt, but was willing to check the book out for myself to see.

Let’s just say, I received the book in the mail yesterday and opened it up and put it on my counter. This morning, just before work, I started reading a few pages and realized as I was entering into the second chapter I needed to stop. It drew me in. Captivated me. This is a book that is good for anyone, and not just those who have made terrible mistakes and believe that their lives are no good. It’s for anyone who is willing to admit that they are not perfect and no longer want to try and pretend that they are perfect.

There are a few things that I didn’t completely agree with, but for the overwhelming book I did. I think there are so many things, especially in this day and age, where people are offended by something another person says or does and finds it necessary to scream in their face to tell them that they are wrong. The book encourages us and any individual, to answer questions to ourselves to know whether or not you are being shamed. If not, then chances are you just have an opinion about something that isn’t the same as the other person. As Mike says “The reason we get so upset at people who disagree or hold different values is that we all are subconsciously aware of our brokenness. When someone points out a difference, we see it as a deficiency.”

The book I found was just a consistent reflection on how we need to change out lives, and find ways that we are defining ourselves. No longer are we to think negatively of our selves, but look at ourselves as a new identity. The identity that is deep within us and truly wanting to break free, the one that has been buried beneath the brokenness, the shame, the mistakes of old.

The People of the Second Chance encourages all of us to know that our lives is not a one strike your out situation, but rather a chance to make a new chapter, a new story in our lives. God has forgiven us and it is up to us to go in the right direction.

Needless to say, I would most definitely recommend this book. It does have a Christian slant, however it is not overtly Christian which is why I find it possible to share it with others not of a Christian interest. The book doesn’t bang you over the head with reminding you that you have sinned, which by the way, the word “sin” does not come up anywhere within these pages. That in itself, was refreshing. A new outlook.

I did receive this book from the publisher Waterbrook Publishing via the website Blogging for Books. The opinions and reviews of this book are my own with no pressure to write a positive review.


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