Book Review: Shine Like the Dawn by Carrie Turansky

Book Review: Shine Like the Dawn by Carrie Turansky


Shine Like the Dawn was an interesting book with a lot of dialogue between its pages. Margaret Lounsbury, is the daughter of the landscaper who once worked for William Harcourt. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes when she is young and in one swoop she loses her parents and young sister. Left behind with her other young sister, Violet, Margaret and she are sent to various places before ending up with her grandmother in northern England. Here, she has learned the business of hats and is destined to inherit the millinery shop. Until a childhood friend, Nathan Harcourt arrives on the scene. She wonders if she should even trust him, being as he all but disappeared, never to return after her parents died.

I found the book to be interesting, yet somewhat difficult to read. There are all sorts of styles of books on the market, and I’ve discovered that I like stories where there is not a lot of dialogue. This one, has a lot. There are no pauses and way too many times I found myself having to go back a page or two to figure out who was talking to whom. Then, there were at least two different stories going along at the beginning, that is with Margaret and a servant girl.

All in all, I started off really wanting to love this book. I loved the cover art, the synopsis of the story on the back. It held such promise. But, I found myself never really getting to know Margaret, and the few things that she did, made me just dislike her. Not a very good start for me, when she is the central figure within the book.

I believe the author had a great idea for the story, and perhaps if there was a little more descriptions, or leading me, as the reader through and environment that she sees, I might have enjoyed it more with more descriptions and less talk.

I did receive this book from the publisher via blogging for books, in exchange for an honest review.