Book Review: The House on Moody Avenue By Cellestine Hannemann


The House on Moody Avenue was lacking any character with cover design, but because the synopsis of the book sounded so interesting I opted to give it a chance.

The story is about an assortment of people who lived in a house on Moody Avenue over a time. The story is told of the people who lived within the walls. Those who had unshakeable faith, a snob and a variety of other characters promising intrigue. Unfortunately, I found the story to be very dry and uninteresting. The first pages did not succeed in drawing me in. I found it to be more a synopsis of a story, a layout of a story without enough details to make it truly into a story. After skimming through the first chapter, and attempting the second, I gave up. It is not very often that I don’t make an effort to read a book to the end, but sadly this is one of them.

Again, I believe the story had potential, had it been written in a more description manner.

I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for an honest review.


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