Book Review: Gifts from Heaven compiled by James Stuart Bell

Book Review: Gifts from Heaven compiled by James Stuart Bell


I enjoyed this book, because it was short stories showing how in everyday people’s lives, they have been touched by the presence of God. Either directly or indirectly. For me, this book reminded me of a series of books by Reader’s Digest, called “Drama in Real Life”. Growing up I devoured those books. This book, with its short stories of real life drama, reminded me of that book.

James Stuart Bell compiled true stories of people who has answers to prayer. The synopsis of the book reads that while may people pray, there are just as many who don’t believe that God is really listening to them. However, the answers to a prayer many times seem so insignificant, that no one realizes that it was an answer to a prayer. This book is a collection of stories where people are sharing their own accounts of where their belief in prayer has brought into their lives and intervention that could only be from God. It’s to be an inspiration that God will answer your prayers, even those that just seem out right impossible.

Again, the stories are short, but I like it like that. You are able to read the stories at your own leisure, and pick up later where you stopped knowing that you were in the middle of a plot yet to be unraveled. The individual stories can easily be read in an evening.

I received this book from the publisher Bethany House. The review is based on my own honest, unbiased opinion.


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