Book Review: Seven Brides for Seven Mail-Order Husbands Romance Collection

Book Review: Seven Brides for Seven Mail-Order Husbands Romance Collection


This book is a variety of authors who all wrote about the concept of a mail-order bride, but with a twist, mail-order husbands. Set in a small town of Kansas, there is a passel of women who are wanting to bring men into their town after the Civil War took most of their men.

The first story in the book is Dime Novel Suitor, in which a British man arrives in the area on a holiday, to live out his dream of being as cowboy. The adventures of being a cowboy sounded intriguing. He arrives the same day as “auditions” that are being set for husband hunting, making Caroline Kane think that he’s there for the chance to be a husband, not the employee he thought he was.

For me, this first story in this book needed to be a story that set the precedent of the rest of the stories. But this story had me confused. There were references to other individuals to whom I had no idea who they were talking about. It felt like I was plopped down into a town where there was story going on that I was eavesdropping on. Things that I was supposed to know about, such as the “auditions”. It took awhile reading to finally figure out what the audition was, which is where the men came to auditions for a wife. But that’s merely a guess.

Sadly, after this first story I didn’t have an interest in reading the rest of the stories and just closed the book and moved on. 😦 It could have been that the stories were out of order with my copy of the book.

I received this book in an e-reader format, compliments of the publisher. The review and my opinions of the book is solely mine.


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