Book Review: True to You by Becky Wade

Book Review: True to You by Becky Wade


This was a book where I found myself struggling to read and enjoy. Having not read the back cover prior to reading, I merely dove in not knowing the premise of the story.

Nora Bradford is a mousy looking woman, who has a great personality, but has failed to attempt in any form to make herself attractive. On a fluke, she ends up volunteering for a emergency test system with her sister. They are to be hostages and to be rescued. Well, they are rescued minus a few hiccups, but a former Navy SEAL whom Nora immediately swoons for as he carries her out of the building.

There’s no reason for them to ever connect again, but the Navy SEAL, is an adoptee who has a sudden need to find out his family history. Nora agrees that she will help out, especially since her specialty is researching.

The first few chapters I had some difficulty getting into it. The play between Nora and her sister Britt and Willow had me all in a twitter confused and not really sure if I liked this book. BUT, somewhere along the way I because interested in Nora and John. I wondered what was going to happen, would John find his mom. What is happening?

Let’s just say, this is a book well worth the slow and confusing beginning chapters. The bombshell news scattered throughout will definitely leave you wondering and amazed. Kudo’s to Becky Wade for spinning together this tale.

I received this complimentary book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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