Book Review: Guardian by Terri Reed

Book Review: Guardian by Terri Reed


I grew up reading Love Inspired books, many of the books I’ve kept over the years had more depth and interest, than current Love Inspired books. There have been too many books that I’ve read half-way thru to lose interest, or toss aside due to it’s overt goody-two shoes main character.

This book, however, has given me faith again in the Love Inspired book series. It’s a suspense, and it kept me intrigued and reading. I finished the book and the only thing I had to complain about, is that it was a continuation of the main story. Suppose I understand the purpose, but I am going to have to read at least five more stories before I get to the conclusion of the main plot.

That said, this story is about an FBI agent, Leo Gallagher. The main plot that will be going on in the next five stories is that a fellow FBI agent has been kidnapped. And Leo feels responsible. Then, there has been a murder in Wyoming, one witnessed by a young woman. There is a tie into his case, so he goes out to Wyoming, promising to protect this young woman and mother. There is someone who is determined to kill her, and Leo must do everything in his power to not allow that to happen.

Again, I really did enjoy this book. It could be a stand alone book, had it not been for the main story in the background. Considering this is the first book in the K-9 series, only time will tell as to if each story could be read out of order, or if you will need to read each book in order (in order to stay caught up with who is marrying who).

I received this from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.


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