Book Review: With You Always by Jody Hedlund

Book Review: With You Always by Jody Hedlund


The cover is what prompted me into picking up the book, to read the synopsis on the back. The synopsis is what prompted me to read it. The story starts off with Elise and her sisters seeking shelter in New York. It is middle of the 1800’s, and this family  of three orphan sisters need to find a place to stay and work. The oldest sister, Elise, finds a place for them to stay at a mission, but when the market crashes their gainful employment as a seamstress is gone. So she turns to the New York Children’s Aid Society to find work.

In the meantime, the second story in the book is about Thornton Quincy who must prove to his father that he is deserving of his inheritance. He, along with his twin brother, must build and create town that can survive on it’s own along the railroad. In addition, within the six months, he must find a woman that he loves and get married. Quite a tall order I would say!

That said, I had a difficult time really getting into this book. After struggling to read the first chapters, I opted to skim and get to the interesting parts. For me, the main characters didn’t intrigue me. I didn’t fall in love with them, and in turn, I found it a struggle to really want to get to know them. She had a sense of humor, but yet a worrisome personality. I wish I had the opportunity to get to know her better, and to like her.

I received this book complimentary from the publisher, via Netgalley. All opinions are my own.


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