Book Review: Threads of Suspicion by Dee Henderson

Book Review: Threads of Suspicion by Dee Henderson


I’m not really certain how I feel about this book. I enjoyed because it was full of intrigue and so much information to tie together. But on the other hand, there was just so much information that I found myself flipping ahead every few pages to find out the next clue. If anything, it gave me a glimpse into the life of a detective and how they must develop various scenarios and theories, before finally stumbling upon the one that leads to the end result.

Evie Blackwell is part of a team of special investigators, who are diving into cold cases to see if they can solve them. Bring closure to the families involved. She and David Marshal are assigned together. There is no love interest here, considering they each have significant others, so this book is based upon their external lives including the trail of clues they are struggling to piece together for their respective cases. In the meantime, Evie must struggle with how she feels about her boyfriend, or soon to be fiancé.

Again, this is a different book than one that I’ve encountered in awhile. This is not a love story, there is no growing romances here. Each character already has a boyfriend/girlfriend. Instead, the focus is on the various tangible leads (or not so tangible) of the cases. There are so many scenarios that it made you try and guess which one it was to be. To be honest, I thought they could have done without a lot of that in the book, but then again, this is a different book. Having read the book, I could see perhaps reading it with a different perspective. I guess in a way I kept expecting David and Evie to hook up (I’ll go ahead and give you a head’s up, they don’t).

Would I recommend it? Possibly. Think of it as a John Grisham book where you are trying to solve a case. Don’t look at it as a Christian romance book, because that is not what you will find here.

This book,  I borrowed from my sister upon her recommendations to read.



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