Book Review: Home All Along by Beth Wiseman

Book Review: Home All Along by Beth Wiseman


My inclinations for selecting this book was based primarily on the cover art. It caught my attention, and despite my hesitation to read books on Amish (other than a few authors), I decided to give this book a try.

Home All Along is about Charlotte who is living in and amongst the Amish. She inherited the house that her brother once lived in, and even though she still dresses English and drives a red pickup truck, she’s never bothered will installing electricity. Plus, she goes the the community Amish church and has fallen in love with Daniel, an Amish man.

The story starts off with Charlotte at her mom’s funeral, and as the reader, you are assaulted by so many different sides. There is the family that she was befriended by, and they are dealing with the resurgence of cancer. Then Daniel is approached by the bishop asking what Charlotte’s intentions are. In the meantime, Charlotte is burying her mom, who she didn’t have a relationship with. AND, at the same time I’m discovering that Charlotte is left alone in the world, except for a sister that she never knew. The sister, who grew up in foster homes before adoption.

Shew! And all that happened within the first chapters!

That said, I really couldn’t get into the book. I was introduced to Charlotte to get to know her and feel her troubles. Instead, there was a basket of characters and words and I was tossed in it and had to figure out what was going on. I gave up. I didn’t finish the book. There was no interest in what happened.

If you are a Beth Wiseman fan, you may enjoy this book. But for me, I didn’t.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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