Book Review: Upon a Spring Breeze by Kelly Irvin

Book Review: Upon a Spring Breeze by Kelly Irvin


When I initially selected this book, I thought the premise on the back was interesting. A young widowed woman with a young child, while a friend of hers must overcome the growing feelings he has for this young Amish mother.

In addition, I did like the cover on the book. Very cheery and colorful. But that’s about all I really liked about the book.

For me, I found the characters within not very interesting and it didn’t have a lot of depth. However, I could blame that on my recent completion of reading the trilogy by Cindy Woodsmall. You want depth, try her books out. In comparison, this story paled. Instead I found myself reading through the first chapters, and then just thumbing my way through. For me, I didn’t find any joy in reading the story. If anything, I just wanted to get it over with.

There are a few people out there who have commented on the negativity of the characters within the book, and in hindsight, I believe they are spot on. Amish are not always going to be cheery and happy-go-lucky, but in the first chapter the mom, Mattie, just was not like-able.

I received this book from the publisher. In turn, this review is my own opinions with no pressure from the publisher to provide a positive review.


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