Book Review: The Captain’s Daughter by Jennifer Delamere

Book Review: The Captain’s Daughter by Jennifer Delamere


The cover of this book is what drew me into selecting it to read. I have never read Jennifer Delamere before and was intrigued with what type of story she would provide for me.

The setting of this book is in London in 1879, and it starts off with Rosalyn Bernay leaving the orphanage where she lived with her two sisters. She is headed off into the world to make her own way. Of course, being of age to leave the orphanage is also a nudge for her to leave. So in this first chapter, we learn of her two sisters and their personalities. From there, we move six years beyond, with Rosalyn trying to escape a home that has accused her of stealing.

Then into the picture is Nate Moran. He is hoping to prove to his regiment that he is fit for duty, and to continue his duties in India. In the meantime, he is staying with his family, and taking over a job for his brother at the theater as a stage hand. There, he comes into contact with Rosalyn.

To be honest, I had such high hopes for this book. The cover intrigued me, the back cover intrigued me, but it failed to live on it’s hype. To me, the prologue to where Rosalyn was leaving the orphanage was unnecessary. The only reason it was there, was to introduce us to her two sisters and their personalities, but because they weren’t a part of her story, especially the first part of the book, this could have been weaved in much later. I think the prologue should have been perhaps a reason for why Rosalyn was leaving her employer. I didn’t feel like that was really and truly explained. My pity in Rosalyn leaving her previous employer was not there. Yes, I was told why, but my empathy for her just was not there.

But beyond that, my interest in this book just dabbled at the surface. I really and truly did want to like it, to find myself diving into it and loving it. But I didn’t. This very well could be a personal choice, but sometimes it’s a bit off-putting when all other reviews you read give the book high ratings.

As for if I will read another book by Delamere, there is a possibility. I don’t think the book was terrible, it just bored me a bit and I couldn’t really connect with the characters. The main characters. I wanted to love them.

I will acknowledge, that the title Captain’s Daughter led me into thinking it was about a sea captain, especially with her standing before a river. It isn’t, but that’s my fault for making an assumption. I even told my mom about this book before I received it, that it was about a sea captain. I was wrong.

I received this book complimentary from Bethany House Publishing. All thoughts and opinions are my own


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