Book Review: Portrait Revolution by Julia L. Kay

Book Review: Portrait Revolution by Julia L. Kay


This book is about portraits, and it isn’t a how to book on how to do a portrait. Despite it being a book with over 450 pictures of someone else, it is fascinating.

The premise of the book is explained in the first pages. The author had challenged herself to do a portrait of for three years. After the three years, it gets rather tiring to do a portrait in various methods of yourself. But what is, you challenged other people to do your portrait, and in turn you did theirs? What happens is this book.

For me the book is a creative outlet, encouragement that you can draw any method that you desire to develop a portrait. It doesn’t have to be a realistic photo that you created out of oils. There are so many different techniques, different methods, that you just want to try a method out on your own and explore. At least that is what my inspiration from this book promoted.

In the very back of the book, after you’ve become motivated to draw, there is a section on how to do a portrait and how to see to draw. Working from photographs to tracing, to how to structure it on a page. Then at the very end, is how to go about hold a portrait party. Let’s just say, that sounds cool, but I’m no where near that status yet!

I found this to be a fascinating book and well worth getting.

I received this book from the publisher, via Blogging for Books, in exchange for an honest review. The opinions are my own.


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