Book Review: Gathering the Threads by Cindy Woodsmall


What an amazing end to an enthralling series. Gathering the Threads ties nicely the pieces that had been hanging in the wind, waiting to be completed. The story of Ariana and Skyler, came to such a satisfying end that I closed the book and smiled.

That said, the story still had just enough angst for me to worry me the direction that Ariana and Skyler would take. It would be horrible to be split up at birth, but add into the mix an English/Amish culture, and it takes an entire different spin. I believe that Cindy did a great job in weaving this tale.

In Gathering the Threads, you definitely need to read the previous two books to understand what is going on with the story.

In this third book, Ariana has returned home, but at the same time the accepting nature of hers has turned to questioning things. Her mind has opened up and she finds it difficult to blindly accept what she’s been taught for so many years. Skylar, finds it hard to accept Ariana, and just wants her gone from her newfound family. While Ariana is struggling to make sense of her new life, her boyfriend Rudy is ready for them to marry.

Once again, I found myself thoroughly enjoying this book. As much as I hated it for the story to end, I was happy to know that the third book brought forth the closure I had sought from book one.

I received this book from the publisher . All opinions are my own.


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