Book Review: A Name Unknown by Roseanna M. White

Book Review: A Name Unknown by Roseanna M. White


So, I just finished this book. It took several days of starting and being unable to finish it. But a slow period at work finally allowed me to absorb and live within the pages.

Initially, the first chapters I wondered why there was so much talk and writing about a story that Peter was writing, but as the chapters developed further in the book, to be honest, I can’t see the book without it. Peter, who stutters, has difficulty communicating with people in the typical manner. So he writes. He gets lost within himself as he writes and imagines himself in place of his characters. If anything, I could see that this is how most authors end up writing, so for me, it was a peak into their lives.

A Name Unknown is about Rosemary Grisham and Peter Holstein. Rosemary, a thief, has been hired to prove that Peter is a traitor and remains loyal to Germany. This is during a time when anti-German sentiment is growing and in the meantime, Peter is looking for proof from his ancestry that he is loyal to England.

Hired on as a librarian, Rosemary has to make sense out of the mess of the library while finding necessary documents. As time passes by, a friendship develops between the two. There is drama at points, and we are shown tenacity that Rosemary has in defending Peter against the villagers.

Overall I really liked this book. There were so many details involved in the creation of the story, that to be honest, I skimmed over a lot of it. But, this will end up being a book that I will keep on my book case and read over and over and over again. It’s in the same category as the Catherine Marshall books, Christy and Julie.

Despite the lack of excessive dialogue within the book, there was enough to truly understand and be a part of the book. The descriptions and the way the words were woven captured my interest and intrigues me into reading more from Ms. White. My guess is, there will be a series based on the characters within this book and I look forward to reading them.

I received this complimentary book from Bethany House Publishers. All opinions are my own.


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