Falling for You by Becky Wade (Bethany House)


I loved this story. It wasn’t a straight up romance novel, but was mixed with a bit of mystery and drama. It was a real book as it related to real issues. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop. In turn, I finished it within a day. In turn, I look forward to rereading this in the future.

The story is about Willow who is a famous model, who has returned home temporarily to handle her family’s bed-and-breakfast for a bit. She is there only for a short while and comes to discover that her former boyfriend is living in the same town. They parted not on the best terms four years prior, so the feelings were less than complimentary in seeing him again.

As for Corbin, Willow’s ex-boyfriend, he has been dismissed from the NFL team due to a shoulder injury and has been forced into early retirement. When he see’s Willow, he realizes that he regrets everything that happened in the past.

By chance, Corbin’s niece, Charlotte, brings Willow and him together in the way of solving a mystery. From there, it seems like only time will tell the direction that Willow and Corbin will take.


From my take on the book, there are people who are going to absolutely hate this book. There were issues discussed, per Willow, which I found refreshing and honest. Instead of tiptoeing around the subject of sexual relationships, it was brought up and discussed.

There was the mystery with Josephine, with her disappearing back in 1977. It’s like she disappeared into thin air. The interweaving of the story along side Corbin and Willow was enjoyable. Listening to the antics of Charlotte was just as delightful.

I enjoyed the mix of dialogue and descriptions, and with just enough interplay between Willow and her sisters… it makes me look forward to reading about Britt.

With the story, I could see many areas having a chance to develop further, but in order for that to happen something would have had to be eliminated. Which I think for me, the part with the adoring fans with Willow would be removed. Or, I wish there was a follow up with Todd, the crazy fan. For me, that just felt a bit unresolved.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, Bethany House, and was under no obligation to post a review.



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