How to Be a Perfect Christian by The Babylon Bee (Multnomah publishing)

How to Be a Perfect Christian by The Babylon Bee (Multnomah publishing)


I have to admit. I was not sure how to take this book and I’m still not certain.

The book came to me in the mail and has a good sturdy book cover on it, better than a paperback (trade book). So some money was spent in making this into a quality book.

Already, from just the title I knew that it would be a humorous book, but I was unaware of just how full of it, the book was. I know that it is written as a satire book, but to be honest, I expected this to more or less to come from a non-Christian publisher than Christian. The entire book was tongue in cheek, and none of it was necessarily how to correct the wrong in thinking this way. It was truly, their perspective on other people’s mistakes on how they are all trying to achieve on how to be a perfect Christian.

I imagine there was a room full of publishers thinking that “ha ha” it would put someone in their place in them thinking that they are perfect, which in fact they aren’t. But that’s to each is own.

Again, I’m not really sure how to take this book. My takeaway is that I don’t like. I flipped through it and found it just a bit tasteless. And I LOVE humor and comedy, I’m the first to laugh. But this, wasn’t not up my alley. Maybe I should read it on a day where I haven’t just finished a recent Christian book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and was under no obligation to post a review.

Love Defined by Kristen Clark & Bethany Baird (Baker Books)

Love Defined by Kristen Clark & Bethany Baird (Baker Books)


This is actually quite a lovely book. It’s primarily geared towards the young woman who is still looking for their forever mate.

I made the assumption that this book would be good for someone currently in a relationship, or even married. That is not the case. This is primarily geared towards the single woman.

That said, I did find the book to be fairly interesting. I do recall many a day when I wouldn’t be focused on the sermon, but rather that really cute guy that appeared in the row in front of me. A new fellow! How could I not concentrate. Believe me, they talk about just such a situation in their book. And yes, I went about it wrong back in the day. I should have stayed focused on the sermon and service rather than already marrying the fellow in front of me. And no, in real life we didn’t marry. Found out later he was already married, just chose not to wear a wedding band.

For the most part, I think it is a good book to read and glean helpful information from. But in a realistic point, I know that many of their suggestions would be just that. It would be a challenge to follow.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and was under no obligation to post a review.

Begin Again by Leeana Tankersley (Revell books)

Begin Again by Leeana Tankersley (Revell books)


This book was an easy read which is probably why I spent my evening reading through the book. I found the author to be engaging and welcoming, bringing me further into the chapters. True, I may not have kids that engage every aspect of my life, but I’m equally as tired and overwhelmed at times.

To often I do feel restless and stuck within my own life, which is partially why I chose this book to read. While the book is not filled with referencing Bible verses each chapter does begin with either a quote or verse.

That said, the book is something I would equate to as being a reminder to let God be first and not our individual needs and expectations. While we aren’t being preached to with how to live our lives, we are encouraged to let go sometimes and see where God will lead us. Those moments that give you pause, and then bring a smile to your face.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, and was under no obligation to post a review.

Honeysuckle Dreams by Denise Hunter

Honeysuckle Dreams by Denise Hunter


This book by Denise Hunter is part of a series of books within the Blue Ridge Romance. The stories are set in northern Georgia, close to the Tennessee border. Many of the locations I can relate to considering I’m very close to the Chattanooga area.

This book is a continuation of the previous book, telling the story about Brady, Zoe’s half-brother. His ex-wife died tragically and he is desperate to keep his son from his in-laws. Problem is, he discovers that if he is married he has a better chance of keeping Sam. Lo and behold, Hope, the woman who is his sister’s best friend enters the picture.

The book was a good read, a nice dialogue between the characters and the bits of drama with Sam and Hope’s job. However, I felt almost like the story didn’t have enough depth. I’m still confused as to the ex-wife’s story and when they divorced. Obviously I missed it at some point. They needed a story and thought that this plot line had enough to develop the story. In a way, I think it did. But on the other hand, it just didn’t have quite enough punch. Therefore, I consider it a nice and easy read in which you were able to see how Brady was able to continue with his life.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishing, via BookLook Bloggers, and was under no obligation to post a review.



The Prayer Map for Women from Barbour Books

The Prayer Map for Women from Barbour Books


This is a cute, useful book for anyone who is trying to reignite their prayer life and is finding it difficult to keep their thoughts in one place. The book has two pages which open up to your respective date (you write the date down). For each page, you are listing what you are thankful fo, people you are praying for, whom you are worried about. Then, on the second complimentary page you have what’s happening in your life, what you need, other things that are on your heart. Each prayer page ends with a Bible verse to encourage you through the day.

The book itself is a tad on the small side for writing a lot of copy in. There are many people whom probably have a list of woes they want to write, but you will need to be creative in keeping your adjectives and descriptions down to a minimum. That said, the size of the book is handy for when you want to carry it around with you in a purse or a bag.

I find that this would be a great book for someone trying to find a niche in their prayer life to pray for people rather themselves. It helps categorize your thoughts and assists you in your future prayers. Because then, the things on fresh on your mind.

All in all, I do like this book and was truly excited when I pulled it out of the packaging. I will purchase another as a gift for friends who are busy in their lives and would appreciate this book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

Pelican Point by Irene Hannon (A Hope Harbor Novel)

Pelican Point by Irene Hannon (A Hope Harbor Novel)


So when I selected this book to read, I did not realize that this was book four in a series. Fortunately there was nothing within the pages that left me confused or feeling like I didn’t belong.

The book leads on to think that this is a story about Marci and Ben, two people who meet in the small town of Hope Harbor. Ben has inherited a lighthouse that he wants to get rid of quickly. The maintenance on it is astronomical and he has a medical practice waiting for him in Ohio. Then we have Marci, she’s the editor and owner of the newspaper in town. She was fleeing an “event” in Atlanta and found her home in this hometown. She loves the lighthouse and wants to see it saved, before Ben sells out to a seller.

The book read well, it was enjoyable for the most part. The story I would classify as a dual story. Not only do we have Marci and Ben, but we also have the story about Rachel and Greg. I understand how the two stories weave, however I think the story would have been better off with one couple or the other. If anything, adjust the synopsis on the back of the book to reflect this second relationship.

It took me several days to finish the book having no real motivation to finish it. But I did. As for whether or not I will read any further stories in this series, time will tell.

I received this book complimentary from Revell, a division of Baker Pubishing Group. All opinions are my own.

The Pirate Bride by Kathleen Y’Barbo

The Pirate Bride by Kathleen Y’Barbo


This is the second book in the series The Daughters of the Mayflower. The book starts off with a 12-year old Maribel who is whisked away by her father on his ship towards Cuba. Unfortunately, the past sins of her father brings a young man, Jean-Luc to avenge the death of his mother and brother. He attacks her father and they both fall into the water. Jean-Luc is rescued by his men as he claims captain of her father’s former ship.

With Maribel on the privateer’s ship, she is thrilled to be in the company of a pirate, one that she’s read so much about. She ends up working for him on the ship until trouble comes along later and they separate ways.

I really wanted to like this book. First off, the cover of the book is really quite pretty and drew me in. The premise on the back of the book, detailing the plot is what initiated my interest in reading. The first chapter, knowing that the main character was only 12, I wondered how on earth this would come into play in this being a romance.

So for most of the book it was about the 12 year old Maribel and then the end of the book, we are introduced to the grown up Maribel and I just couldn’t figure out how someone could fall in love with someone they knew previously as a child. But then again, if I lay it out in the groundwork of that time period, I suppose it would make sense. I’m actually surprised that they didn’t get married at age 16 or 17.

All in all, I think this book would do well as a pre-teen book, considering there was no language and it was a very wholesome book. As to whether or not I would purchase any more in this series, I’m not sure. The plot was good, although I do wish that the grow up Maribel had a chance to get to know Jean-Luc as an adult and vice versa.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, Barbour Publishing. All opinions are my own.